Road Levy payable by frontagers and Developers

Members may use these details to make payments over the internet directly into the account.

Currently Zig Zag road frontagers are expected to pay £50 per annum and frontagers in Leacroft Close £25 per annum in July or August each year.

Houses fronting both Welcomes Road (also privately maintained) and Zig Zag Road £25 per annum.

Members extending their houses requiring visits from HGVs will be asked to pay an extra road levy for a sum agreed with the Secretary/Chairman/Committee.

Developers demolishing an existing property and replacing it with a new house or flats will be required to enter into a formal binding legal agreement with the Association and to pay HGV road levies in line with the HGV wear and tear tariff..see below for the relative documents.

The Association has a Bank account at Lloyds Bank as follows:

Name: Zig Zag and Leacroft Road Association

Sort code: 30 96 26

Account: 29376768

Any 2 signatories of three signatories may authorise transactions over the bank account(s)

The Committee/Secretary is always happy to be approached with any individual queries and welcomes assistance with the running of the committee and general meetings including work parties to carry out light maintenance tasks.

Important note: Frontagers to Zig Zag Road have an obligation to pay for the maintenance of the road which is classed as a public highway maintainable at the private expense of the frontagers. If the road levy has not been paid in full since the road was upgraded in 2017 by using a process called cement stabilisation, such frontagers will be treated as in dispute with their neighbours through this Road Association. They should mention the dispute to the buyer when selling their property and formally declare that they are in dispute on Law Society form TA6 which needs to be completed as part of the conveyancing process.

Developer agreement see below

HGV Tariff Developers see below