Fox cub at 12 Zig Zag Road

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At 8am on  April 21st 2021 this damage was done by a lorry heading for 32 Welcomes Road having ignored every prohibition sign en route.

Since then the sign and damage to lawn repaired by Frank Gaskin using RSJ posts

  Re- Drive carry out cement stabilisation on Zig Zag Road 

   Autumn Leaves in Zig Zag Road outside No 14 

Zig Zag and Leacroft Road Association

'unadopted road owned and maintained by  the residents at their own expense'

      Zig Zag Road Unique Street Reference Number (USRN) 205003379

                          Gazetted as Maintainable at private expense



Developers building in neighbouring roads must not use Zig Zag Road which is not suitable for HGV traffic and damage to verges or parked cars is possible.  

Parking is for residents only

Members with building or landscaping projects which will generate HGV traffic should contact Richard Russell on 020 8668 7293 or 07563 723809 to discuss the number of HGV movements expected and to agree some financial compensation for the resulting extra wear and tear on the road. Any unusual damage (not wear and tear)  will need to be made good. Email

For more information on road levies  for new builds/extensions/developers go to Road levy and where to pay 

Solicitors and Estate Agents dealing with property sales in the road need to note that Zig Zag Road is maintained at the frontagers expense and any arrears of road levy may need to be settled before completion of a sale of a property in the road. 

Buyers should understand that they have a legal obligation to share the cost of the maintaining Zig Zag Road which is a Public Highway maintainable at the expense of anyone with land adjoining the road. Such householders are referred to as frontagers on this web site.

If your house fronts (i.e has any boundary adjoining it) Zig Zag Road and you are in arrears with your road levy please bear in mind the email from the Senior Engineer at Croydon Council dated 21st June 2016 which re-affirms the obligation to pay for the upkeep of the road. You should also read about form TA6 on  Road levy and where to pay 

Welcome to our web site which is a repository of Association records and includes useful information on how to set up a road association and to care for your unadopted road. There are references to the law on who should pay for the road and why plus templates of the letters sent out to frontagers to get the Association going. 

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